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cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is used to restore the good looks and smile of a patient through a series of measures designed to tackle dental imperfections. If you are conscious of your smile because of stained or chipped teeth, broken or misshapen teeth, then cosmetic dentists can set right your condition within a few sittings. They can make subtle changes to your smile which can dramatically alter your appearance and give a huge boost to your confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry includes processes such as teeth whitening which is one of the commonest form of this type of treatment. It is in fact the quickest and cheapest way of enhancing your looks and smile. Teeth stained by years of consumption of coffee, tea and red wine can look dull and dirty. Tooth whitening can reverse the effects of ageing and discoloration. You can get back that dazzling smile within days.

Crowns are an effective way of rejuvenating the health of your teeth. They are used to strengthen a broken tooth and improve the appearance shape and alignment of a set of teeth. They are also recommended in cases where you have large and irritable fillings or unable to bite effectively due to excessive grinding of teeth. Porcelain crowns are in greater demand than other types because they feel so natural and comfortable that it is impossible to tell them from your original set of teeth.

Veneers are an important component of cosmetic dentistry. They impart a perfect look to your chipped, uneven and discolored teeth. They are frequently used on the front teeth to take care of aesthetic problems such as spacing, minor crowding and also for enamel that is badly worn down.

Porcelain inlays and onlays are considered conservative dental treatments and are recommended to take care of decayed area of the tooth. They are minimally invasive and fit perfectly into the affected areas. Once they are fixed into place, decay is highly unlikely to occur and you will have brand new and natural looking teeth that are sure to improve your smile factor significantly. Inlays and outlays are long lasting and are metal free to give your teeth that natural look when you flash those pearly whites with new confidence.

Tooth replacement of various types is now available as a part of cosmetic dentistry processes. Bridges are a long term solution to replace missing teeth while making sure that other teeth do not get affected. Implants are also used nowadays to change the looks and appearance of your facial appearance and smiles.

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